Natural Ingredient - Modern Technology

Our Vision Making PT. Gloria Origita Cosmetics as a company that manufactures Beauty and Skin Care Products, the more reliable.
Our Mission Retaining a market share holder brand products from PT. Gloria Origita Cosmetics, such as: bath scrubs Purbasari, Kana foot cream, face cream New Cell, Amara spray cologne, bath scrubs and bleach for teenagers Softwhite, decorative series Freya, Cleanface facial cleansers, which have been marketed all over Indonesia.
Our Motto Promote growth and profits for the products of PT. Gloria Origita other Cosmetics.


Consisting of several categories: Body Scrubs, Body Care, Feminine Hygiene, Body Lotion and Cosmetics. All Products Purbasari been tested, has been registered at POM and has been certified Halal by MUI.


For dry skin, rough and cracked. Contains natural wheat protein works to restore the skin's natural moisture.

New Cell

Day & Night Cream makes the skin feel tight in just 28 days. Serum Eye Roll On to reduce puffiness and dark circles to help tackle the under-eye area.


Right now apply makeup or using makeup is already known by children from the age of the children and even toddlers. Kids AMARA comestics, cosmetics are safe for children, has been tested and has been registered in the POM.