Our History

Our History

Since established in 1993, PT Gloria Origita Cosmtics grown and developed into a leading company in Indonesia which has a philosophy as a company that provides beauty and skin care solutions ultimate quality and affordable.

The product range includes bran PT GOC great that we have developed. Purbasari, Kanna, New Cell, Amara, and CleanFace which has been marketed throughout Indonesia and since 2008, PT GOC has penetrated into the export market in Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Middle East.

Backed by qualified staff, our products have quality assurance, through a process that is already certified GMP plant and obtain halal certificates. Every product we produce have passed the strict quality control process so that the people of Indonesia entrusted & quot; Scrub Bath Purbasari & quot; Indonesia became the market leader.

Pabrik PT Gloria Origita Cosmetics

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